Here is a simple set of neck warm Ups to reduce tension build up in the shoulder and neck region. You can do it prior to movement to help prepare the joint for activity and to reduce the likelihood of injury. After the neck warm ups, you can take a look at the neck stretches video followed by the neck strengthening video. Doing the neck warm ups as a precursor to the stretches and strengthening exercises all serve to promote neutral posture.

Why should we loosen out the neck?

Being mindful of our posture on a daily basis is essential if we wish to lead a good quality of life and avoid health complications. Lack of flexibility and strength in our musculoskeletal system combined with a sedentary lifestyle can give rise to chronic poor posture. In the case of the neck and shoulder, people can be left with a forward head posture, that can be difficult to undo as we get older. For example, a forward head posture can cause impingement on the brachial plexus, leading to neurological symptoms in the chest, shoulder and arm. Forward head posture can also cause headaches.


As always, please consult your medical practitioner for advice before undertaking any of these exercises as this neck warm up video does not constitute medical advice.


Look Down and Up

Look Up and Down
neck flexion and extension

  • Slowly bring chin to chest and back to neutral
  • Then look up to ceiling
  • Repeat five times both directions
  • Perform neck warm ups seated

Head Tilt

Tilt Head
Sidebend Head and Neck
  • Slowly tilt head to left then to right
  • Repeat five times both directions

Head Rotation

turn head
Neck rotation
  • Slowly look over left shoulder
  • Repeat in opposite direction
  • Perform five times
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