Physical Therapy Dublin and Gorey;

Kirwan Clinic is run by Barry, and is located in the therapy room in Profitness Gym in Churchtown, Dublin since 2012, and more recently since 2022 in Gorey, Wexford. It specialises in physical therapy, myofascial release, prescription orthotics & rehabilitation programmes. Barry enjoys working with people to help them get lasting results for their underlying health conditions. Barry would welcome the opportunity to offer his services to you and to help you return to full health.

Since completing his training in 2007 from the Institute of Physical Therapy Dublin, the founding body of the physical therapy profession in Ireland and accepted centre of excellence in the teaching of manual skills and bodywork techniques, Barry has amassed more than 16 years of experience in physical therapy Dublin, and has helped many people in that time to improve their musculoskeletal health. Barry continues to further his knowledge on an ongoing basis and has a keen interest in the role that the myofascial system plays in chronic pain. Barry also enjoys studying posture, pilates and tai chi for health, and incorporates these systems into his rehabilitation programmes.

Barry worked in physical therapy Dublin in the busy Blanchardstown Medical Centre from 2007 to late 2012. From 2013 onwards, he based himself on the southside of Dublin, where he worked with some wonderful colleagues and built up a positive reputation with the people of this area. Since 2022,  he splits his time between two locations and looks forward to welcoming you either in Churchtown, Dublin or in Gorey, Wexford, to see how he can help you improve your health today.

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it is my aim to help you make a full recovery and return to optimal health. People come to see me presenting with various musculoskeletal issues, ranging  from postural dysfunction and sporting injuries to conditions caused by emotional and physical trauma, due to the fast pace of our lives today. Working closely with and listening to you, i; use my experience and unique skillset get you the results that you desire. 































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