Myofascial Release

Do you suffer from a long term injury? Are you currently receiving therapy? Perhaps you get relief from treatment, but it is only temporary, and, after a while your pain sets back in again. Do you crave a long term solution? Myofascial release may just be it.

What is Myofascial Release (MFR)? 

Myofascial Release Therapy is a specialised physical therapy technique that affects and releases the restrictions within the fascial network.

Myofascial release therapy targets your body’s fascial system and is effective in releasing physical and emotional trauma. Myofascial Release Therapy promotes the philosophy that the mind and body work together to maintain health.

Fascia is a 3-dimensional network of connective tissue that spans your entire body. You could think of it as a 3D coating of clingfilm in which you are wrapped. Fascia surrounds, infuses and protects every other tissue, tendon, muscle, bone, ligament and organ of the body.Following an injury, your fascia can scar and harden, crushing nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels in the process.


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What makes the Myofascial Release technique so unique?

What makes the Myofascial Release technique so unique?

The myofascial release technique is very different to that of massaging muscles, tendons and the ligaments of the body. The key determining factors in successfully treating the client are the fluidity of the therapists hands and allowing sufficient time during treatment for the release of the adhesion to take place. 

During the myofascial release session, gentle and sustained pressure is applied to the affected area, moving through each and every fascial restriction. The time element is a vital factor, the fascia cannot be forced as it will naturally meet that force in return. Myofascial release treats the injury at source allowing healing to occur at the deepest level.

During MFR treatment, Barry takes into consideration what he finds from the postural assessment as well as what he feels and senses from palpating and treating the body. To find out more please call 0857366973 or book online below.

Myofascial Release @ the Kirwan Clinic

During treatment, your myofascial release (MFR) Barry feels and stretches slowly into the fascial network. The therapist feels for this glue-like texture which when dense, thick or hard defines a fascial restriction.

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