Here is a simple stretch that you can try to release tightness in the pectoralis major muscles in the chest. If, like most of us, you are at a desk all day or driving a car for a living, then the muscles in the chest and front of arms and tops of shoulders tend to become chronically tight leading to a rounded shoulders posture.

Possible Injury from Rounded Shoulders

Rounded shoulders can, for example, lead to complications with the shoulder joint and girdle, such as shoulder impingement syndrome. as shoulder impingement syndrome. This stretch is one part of the jigsaw when wanting to promote an upright upper torso. Also bear in mind that the shoulders need to be warmed up before stretching with this shoulder warm exercise, and then you need to strengthen the upper back & neck with this exercise for example.

Warm up first, Stretch and then Strengthen

To alleviate this poor posture, it’s important to open out your chest muscles on a regular basis, once or even twice a day would be ideal. Take a look at the chest stretch video below to reduce symptoms arising out of a rounded shoulders posture. In addition, this useful stretch also targets an often overlooked muscle called Pectoralis Minor, which is located deep and laterally to the larger Pectoralis Major muscle. To isolate the Minor fibres, place your arm at a 110 degree angle (i.e. it’s the same angle you assume for the lower Pectoralis Major fibres in the video below).


As always, please consult your medical practitioner for advice before undertaking any of these exercises as this chest stretch video does not constitute medical advice. Best of luck.

Stretch for Pectoralis Major
Chest Stretch
Chest Stretch to reduce Rounded Shoulders

Stand with left side of body close to wall
❖ Place left arm outstretched slightly above
shoulder height with left palm facing wall
❖ Use right hand to slowly push away from wall
while keeping left side of body close to wall
❖ Hold this first stretch for up to 10 seconds
❖ Then advance stretch to next barrier and hold
for 10 more seconds
❖ Repeat opposite side

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