Low back, hip and knee pain are commonly caused by faulty foot biomechanics. A large portion of the population suffer discomfort due to excessive pronation, i.e foot rolling inwards, while a smaller number of people tend to supinate excessively i.e. foot rolling outwards. The effect of faulty foot biomechanics can lead to pain higher up the limb and into the back. For optimal foot mechanics, you should be somewhere in the middle i.e. not too much pronation nor supination. For further information on customised Arch Supports contact Kirwan Clinic at: info@physicaltherapytreatment.ie

Wearing customised arch supports is one important aspect in preventing or eliminating musculoskeletal pain. In some cases, arch supports can get rid of dysfunction altogether on their own. More often, orthotics are prescribed as part of an overall treatment plan. Other parts of this plan can include physical therapy and targeted homecare exercises.

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