TAI CHI for Health is a powerful internal martial art which teaches you to slowly move the body in a gentle and alert way.

The benefits of regular tai chi practise are many;

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased body awareness Good posture
  • Feelings of calm
  • Proper diaphragmatic breathing
  • relaxed musculature
  • focussed concentration and a positive mental attitude.

Tai Chi for Health begin with traditional chen style warm up exercises, followed by QiGong breathing which helps with relaxation, slowing the breath and lowering the heart rate. To find out more about the benefits of tai chi and what options are available at Kirwan Clinic to begin or further your tai chi journey , then click here

Take a look at this video of the tai chi 11 form to give you an idea of what we practise:

This video too, called 8 piece brocade, is a good example of what we do in class. 

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