As an essential medical service, Kirwan Physical Therapy Clinic is pleased to announce its reopening from 10th June. During this unprecedented time, Barry is adhering to the Irish government guidelines including the wearing of protective personal equipment (PPE) for therapist and patient and to the regular sanitation of work spaces both before and after appointments.

Prior to the day of treatment:

If patients have experienced any of the following in the past 14 days, then I ask them not to attend:

Temperature higher than 38 degrees
Symptoms of cough or shortness of breath
AND one of
Travel to another country of high transmission
Been in contact with somebody experiencing respiratory symptoms in the past 14 days

Vulnerable Patients (i.e. people cocooning) should only attend for physical therapy treatment if their musculoskeletal symptoms are acute and the benefit of therapy outweighs the risk of leaving home.

Clinic reopens June 2020

Clinic is open

On the day of treatment:
Patients are asked to bring their own towel/blanket for draping purposes to reduce the possibility of transmission and to help speed up the disinfection process between individual patients. If this is not possible, the clinic has a supply of towels which can be used.
Patients are asked to bring their own face mask, which they can wear during the appointment. If not, the clinic has a supply of face masks which can be bought at cost price.

In the clinic:
Appointment times between patients have been spread out so that no two clients should meet during changeover time.
This additional time allows the therapist to disinfect all contact surfaces (including treatment table, chairs, door handles, pay terminals) in the clinic.
The plinth will be disinfected between clients, and all plinth cloverings have been removed. Instead disposable paper plinth roll is only used which is replaced after each patient.
The therapist will be wearing full personal, protective equipment (including face mask, apron) at all times.
Hand and arm washing is done by the therapist before and after each treatment.
Hand sanitiser gel and tissues are also available for patients’ usage in the clinic.
If possible please avoid using the toilet facilities in the clinic, unless urgent.

The clinic accepts the following forms of payment: Credit/Debit card, Revolut and cash. It is also possible to prebook your session and pay online via credit/debit card and PayPal.

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