At Kirwan Clinic, our physical therapist treatment is a drug-free, manual approach that relieves pain caused by injury, faulty posture and trauma. Our expert physical therapists are skilled at treating a range of conditions including lower back, neck, shoulder and foot pain.

Located in Churchtown, D14, close to Dundrum town centre, the Kirwan Physical Therapist clinic is run and staffed by friendly, professional and knowledgable physical therapists. The clinic is located within the Profitness Gym,  Churchtown, and is well serviced by public transport (the number 14 bus stops outside, the Luas Windy Arbour and Dundrum stops are just a short walk away).

The physical therapist uses hands-on techniques to assess, diagnose and treat your condition so that you make a full and timely recovery. Rehabilitation forms an integral part of your physical therapist treatment. The physical therapist gives the client the tools needed to prevent reoccurrence of injury. Program exercises include stretching, strengthening and core stability. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your physical therapy treatment, your physical therapist will be happy to assist.

What distinguishes our physical therapists at Kirwan Clinic (Members of IAPT) from other healthcare practitioners include the following:

  • We are highly skilled hands-on practitioners.
  • We like to listen carefully to what our clients have to say about their condition, which forms an integral part of our diagnosis.
  • We believe there is no better substitute for hands-on treatment. For this reason, the physical therapist tends not to use instruments, such as ultrasound or laser therapy, and prefers to rely on physical therapy techniques to ensure the patient makes a complete recovery.
  • We believe recovery takes time, and for this reason, sessions with the physical therapist last a minimum of 1 hour, during which time, you will have the undivided attention and care of the physical therapist.

Here is a sample of conditions treated by the Kirwan Clinic physical therapists:

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